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The Ultimate Guide To Songwriting 2017

By | on 19, Oct 2017 |   Songwriting

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5 Top Tips To Help Get You Noticed As An Artist

By | on 02, Oct 2017 |   Insider

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7 Things To Remember When Meeting Music Industry Contacts

By | on 27, Sep 2017 |   Networking Getting a record deal Music industry

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5 Ways To Psych Yourself Up Before A Gig

By | on 22, Sep 2017 |   Motivation Performing


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How To Make A Great First Impression

By | on 18, Sep 2017 |   Networking Getting a record deal Motivation Music industry

  First impressions are vital in the Music Business. If you don't make an impact - or if you make the WRONG impact - you'll be forgotten along with yesterday's news. You want to stick in people's mind[...]

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5 Songs That Prove Music And Politics Do Mix

By | on 11, Aug 2017 |   Songwriting lyrics Music industry

Politics is probably a topic that many people would choose to steer clear of but expressing views on politics has been commonplace in music since the birth of Blues. Some claim that politics has no pl[...]

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Our Favourite And Most Random Kanye West Lyrics

By | on 04, Aug 2017 |   Songwriting lyrics Music industry Kanye West

Yes, we're really going there! Kanye never fails to cause controversy, and also a few laughs here and there, with his choice of words. So, just for you, we found a handful of famous and random Kanye W[...]

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Has Your Instrument Broken You? Here's How To Deal With It.

By | on 31, Jul 2017 |   Insider

I never had a single headache in my life before March 2015.

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5 Songs That Celebrate Sexuality

By | on 28, Jul 2017 |   Insider Songwriting Music industry

To celebrate all the work that the LGBTQ+ community do not just during History Month, but also throughout the year, we've put together a list of 5 iconic songs throughout the decades that celebrate se[...]

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Top 10 Tips On How To Boost Your Productivity

By | on 24, Jul 2017 |   Motivation Musical Advice

Finding the motivation to begin a mountain of work can be challenging.

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Top 4 Tools For Scheduling Your Social Media Posts

By | on 21, Jul 2017 |   Promotion Social Media Music Marketing


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This Song Sold More Than 5 Million Copies But Only Uses One Chord

By | on 17, Jul 2017 |   Chords Music industry

If you were born at some point before 2014 then there is a very good chance that you'll have heard this track.